Schedule Maintenance is important! If you live in Murrieta CA, then you are no stranger to your car occasionally getting pounded with sand and the wind. This can be abrasive to your paint job, and it can get into the engine and cause problems that you may not even notice until something breaks. Schedule maintenance provides auto owners five main advantages. First, it saves them money in the short and long-term. Second, it keeps the vehicle running efficiently. Third, maintenance catches small problems before they become major disasters. Fourth, preventive care keeps your car or truck from losing value. Finally, scheduled maintenance gives you peace of mind that your vehicle is ready to go if you need to go on an unexpected trip. If you are a Murrieta CA resident, then you may want to take your car in or schedule maintenance to ensure that your vehicle is in good shape, especially if you cannot remember the last time you had service performed. Your car could leave you or your family sitting on a busy highway, in the middle of the night along a dark road, or in the midst of nowhere in chilly temperatures. Keep these things from happening by setting up an appointment for preventive care with Murrieta Tire and Auto today. You will feel much better knowing that your car is taken care of and more dependable. You can be assured that it won't leave you stranded when you need to get to work, school, or soccer practice.